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Plowing and Trenching

With the equipment and resources to plow materials into virtually any type of soil, we can help determine the most cost effective way to make your build a success.

Directional Boring

Trenchless, Directional and Geothermal Boring

When it comes to placing cable in challenging areas — from drilling railroads and landscaping to roadways and utilities — our skilled team of technicians can help.

Cable Pulling

Cable Pulling/Blowing

Working with an experienced team when pulling or blowing cable is crucial to keeping your cables safe from damage and extending their life and effectiveness.

Red flag and paint mark underground electric lines; orange paint marks the cable/internet cable. You should contact your electric and cable company before you dig so they can mark your underground lines.


At Elite Underground, safety is a top priority. We make sure to locate and mark any underground utilities to ensure safe digging at the start of every project.

Other services include: Precast Manholes, Conduit Placement, Cable Maintenance, and Pedestal Placement.